Our History

In 1914, the community of Harney included a railroad station post office, school, and boarding house. The folks of the community would gather on Sunday evenings at the school house or in a brush arbor built by the menfolk. There, a traveling pastor would preach and people happily prayed and sang in worship. 

In 1917, the congregation voted to become a Methodist Church as there was simply more Methodists in the group than other denominations. In 1920, Hillsboro Methodist Church, named after the nearby railroad station was chartered. Property for the church was donated by Riley Wetherington, grandfather of beloved former church member Bobby Wetherington. With land acquired, the men of the community began building a church. Rev. Galt was appointed to serve hillsboro along with other area churches as a shared pastor On the second Sunday of March, 1921, the first service in the new church was held.

Shared pastors served Hillsboro until 1947 when Rev. J.E. Skipper was appointed the first full-time pastor. Later, under the leadership of Rev. W.B. Miller, additional land right next to the church was purchased. A parsonage was built in 1951. Interestingly, the lumber for the parsonage came from a military barrack acquired from Dew Field (now TIA). That former parsonage currently serves as our church office. 

In 1958, during Rev. Jack Kelly’s tenure as pastor, the original church building was moved to the back of the property to allow for expansion. The first phase of the new construction was our Fellowship Hall and Sunday School wing. That new Fellowship Hall served as our sanctuary until phase two was completed. During the 50’s and 60’s, Hillsborough was where most of the community’s social events here held. Folks of the Church were really involved. Men’s group, Women’s groups (mission outreach), Youth and Sunday School groups were all very active. A men’s softball team and youth softball team provided many good times. 

During Rev. Fred Foster’s service to Hillsborough from 1967-79, a new sanctuary was constructed. With the help fom some of the men from Seminole Heights UMC (lead by Bill Matthews), the new sanctuary was completed in time for a Homecoming celebration helf on the second Sunday of March, 1977.

Rev. Bob Tindale, who grew up in Tampa’s Seminole Heights, came to Hillsborough in January of 1981. Sadly, during this time, a neighboring UMC, Branscomb Memorial, was closed. Although distressed over the closing of any church Hillsborough was blessed to receive and still be faithfully served by many of Branscomb’s former members. 

Many other pastors have devotedly served HUMC: Rev. Brooker Short, Rev. Joe Allinder, our fist woman pastor – Rev. Debbie McLeod, Rev Sharon Dey, Rev Sue Haupert-Johnson, Rev. Charlie Boggs, Rev. Debbie Casanzio, Dr. Dan White, Rev. Juan Ramos, and Rev. Debbie Daley-Salinger among them.

This brings us to 2018 and Rev. Tanner White and family. He and his wife,  Mallory have been an amazing blessing to this church. Once again, we are growing in numbers and reconnecting with God.