Missions We Support

HUMC Sponsored Missions
Our Church Supports these Missions 
With Financial or Significant Volunteer Effort
Metropolitan Ministries - For over 35 years, Metropolitan Ministries has served poor and homeless men, women, and children in the Tampa Bay region.  The Ministries has gone from a single room food pantry, to one of America's most effective and innovative caregivers.  Serving as many as 150 families daily through Outreach and Prevention Services, the Ministries remains committed to breaking the cycle of poverty. For more information go to http://www.metromin.org/
Cornerstone Family Ministries - Cornerstone Family Ministries is a non-profit organization dating back to 1892 that works with over 25,000 families each month across the State of Florida through programs in Early Intervention Child Care, Pre-school Education for at-risk children, Nutrition programs, HUD Senior Housing, Cultural Arts in underserved communities, and a statewide food network. For more information on Cornerstone go to http://www.cornerstonefamilyministries.org/default.aspx
Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
HUMC donates monthly to the Children’s Home through dedicated funds raised at our Earthy Treasures Thrift Store.   “When you provide financially for the Children's Home, the interests and well-being of deserving children, youth and families are addressed in vital Christian ministry. Through this Home, the influences of God's tender mercies and noble human compassion powerfully combine and intervene to lasting benefit, preserving and transforming life. “ http://www.fumch.org/index.asp
Tampa Urban YoungLife
HUMC members volunteer as leaders for YoungLife. We also hold events at our facilities for the organization. The goal of YoungLife is to introduce youth to Christ.
Young Life thinks the world of kids. We believe that they deserve to know what life can hold for them. Young Life leaders are caring adults who come sharing that hope as well as fun and lasting friendships with kids. Young Life is also all about fun. From club and camp to Campaigners and other activities, teenagers will have blast laughing, trying new things and being with their friends.